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Low-Margin Tech Store

Low-Margin Tech Store


In the fiercely competitive landscape of online retail, this eCommerce business found itself grappling with diminishing returns from its Facebook advertising efforts. Despite achieving a steady flow of purchases, the cost per acquisition significantly eroded profit margins, leading to an unsustainable ROI. Recognising an untapped potential for optimisation, The Digital Growth Co. stepped in, not just to tweak but to transform their advertising strategy, unlocking unprecedented growth and efficiency.


Prior to our involvement, this eCommerce entity was entrenched in a cycle of costly customer acquisitions via Facebook ads, yielding purchases but at a steep price that compromised their profit margins. This critical situation presented a low ROI, a red flag indicating the need for a strategic overhaul. Initially not contracted for this task, we identified a golden opportunity to enhance their ad account’s performance, an initiative they thankfully agreed to.


Our approach was methodical and data-driven, embarking on a comprehensive A/B testing regime that encompassed new creatives, audience segments, calls to action, and landing pages. Through rigorous iterations, we pinpointed our winning combinations, enabling precise audience segmentation based on engagement levels. Further, we optimised their landing and checkout pages and refined campaign settings, including a thorough audit of their Facebook pixel optimisation events. This holistic strategy was aimed not just at cost reduction but at amplifying overall campaign effectiveness.


The outcome of our intervention was nothing short of remarkable. Within a mere month, we achieved a dramatic 70% reduction in cost-per-purchase, significantly lowering the financial barrier to acquiring new customers. Concurrently, we propelled the campaign revenue by an impressive 105%, effectively doubling their financial return from Facebook ads. This case study stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic optimisation, showcasing how targeted adjustments can lead to outsized improvements in digital advertising efficiency and profitability.

Low-Margin Tech Store
Low-Margin Tech Store

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