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Major Gym Retailer

Major Gym Retailer


This major gym equipment retailer is a leading force in the fitness space within Australia. Offering the widest range and lowest priced gym equipment products in the market, they've faced consistent challenges of maintaining campaign efficiency during a sale period like Black Friday, when their products are priced so competitively. That's where we came in.


In previous years, this company was never able to execute a Black Friday flash sale with much success. There was no hype from existing or new customers, and they’d only ever see a tiny bump in purchases during the 4 day period. So, we stepped in to rock their world.


To drive anticipation and engagement for an upcoming sale, a comprehensive hype campaign was initiated, targeting both new and existing customers a month prior. This included efforts to drive pre-sale sign-ups and keep the brand at the forefront of customers' minds. By refining the deals to enhance their appeal and optimizing the website through rigorous conversion rate optimization, every customer interaction was elevated. The strategy was complemented by a robust social media marketing campaign, aimed at boosting purchases across the board during the sale period.


On the Shopify Plus platform, the results were remarkable, showing an 85% increase in orders and a 115% surge in revenue, alongside a 175% boost in website sessions and a 16% uplift in the average order value. The effectiveness of Facebook Ads was particularly striking, with orders increasing by 1300%, achieving a 61x return on ad spend (ROAS), and a 323% improvement in the conversion rate.

Major Gym Retailer
Major Gym Retailer

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